About the project

Have you ever felt the need to consult with someone who could share their knowledge, experience and insights with you? Did you wish to share the challenges you are facing, discuss possibilities and jointly discover some you did not even think of? Did you ever want to hear life and career story of the people you admire – how they achieved their success and overcame their obstacles, led by their values and needs instead of fear and outer influences?

And would you jump into a year-long adventure called CREATIVE MENTORSHIP and in the role of a mentor or a mentee create new space for exchange of knowledge, ideas, experience?

If your answer is YES, you are at the right place.

Third CREATIVE MENTORSHIP program cycle lasted from April 2016 to June 2017. Through OPEN CALL for third generation of participants which was active in February 2016, 25 new participants from 8 cities have been chosen. In May 2016 they were matched with suitable mentors, based on their interests, needs and goals. First official event in the program was the the kick off training held on the beginning of June 2016.

New call for participants will be open in September 2017.

All those interested in the program are invited to follow our Facebook page or Twitter and sign to our mailing list in order to find out about events we organize and receive important news!

We are always searching for new mentors and partners! Contact us for more information, references and opportunities to collaborate!

You can get involved in mentoring by exploring through our website, reading our toolkit and other useful materials, and by reaching for your mentor, or becoming one yourself. Or even by initiating the new mentorship program in your community!

We are here to transform the society, one conversation at a time.