About the project


Helene Larsson Poussette, former cultural attache at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade enabled that the CREATIVE MENTORHIP is initiated by creating ETC Group and establishing a platform for meeting various mentorship programs, supporting our first ideas, thoughts and our initiative.

ETC Group is informal, multidisciplinary group of 11 socially engaged individuals from Serbia active in the fields of culture and education. The group consists of artists, curators, pedagogues, cultural managers, researchers, experts for socially responsible entrepreneurship…It was created in 2011 during CREATIVE SOCIETY project organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and Museum of Science and Technology.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, knowledge, voluntary engagement and faith in values CREATIVE MENTORSHIP brings, the program has been designed and initiated.

ETC grupa

ETC Group members are: Maša Avramović, Andrej Bereta, Dragana Jevtić, Zorana Đaković, Višnja Kisić, Đorđe Krivokapić, Slavica Marković Sandić, Itana Miljanić, Mirjana Odić, Marko Radenković and Dragana Tomić Pilipović.