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“If you want to walk fast – walk alone, if you want to walk far – walk together” says an African proverb. That is the motto of Creative Mentorship program. A first workshop within this program was held during the past weekend. Good mentor is, in the right moment, the best turning point for professional development. Could mentors learn something from their mentees, too?

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"Ako želiš da hodaš brzo, koračaj sam, a ako želiš da stigneš daleko, koračaj sa još nekim", glasi afrička poslovica, ali i slogan za radionicu iz kreativnog mentorstva, koja je održana tokom vikenda. Dobar mentor je, u pravom trenutku, najbolji skretničar na putu ka profesionalnom usavršavanju. Da li i mentori mogu da nauče nešto od polaznika?

Posted by Generacija RTS on Monday, February 2, 2015

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