Creative Mentorship is now developing more formal database of mentors and co-mentors.


We perceive mentorship as individual social responsibility of a person in contributing to society by sharing their precious knowledge, experience and perspectives with others, thus encouraging their development. That is exactly why mentors we are looking for are not only experts in their fields, but also individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

By participating in „Creative Mentorship” program as a mentor you are offering support to personal and professional development of perspective professionals in the field of culture from various parts of Serbia, who are carefully chosen based on their professional achievements and vision of how their development contributes to the improvement of wider society. A year-long mentor’s support is considered by mentees to be the most valuable aspect of „Creative Mentorship” program.

By participating in the program, mentors gain the possibility to attend several workshops on personal and professional development and mentorship techniques, as well as mentors’ gatherings, organized in order to facilitate networking and exchange of experience. Throughout the duration of the program, mentors are regularly supported by the „Creative Mentorship” team, as well as by alumni mentors, and they receive a copy of mentorship guide with many good suggestions on mentoring. Organized events will be held in Belgrade, and some of the workshops will be in English, so knowledge of English is necessary for participation in the program.

During the annual program cycle, we expect from mentors to meet with their mentee every month for 2 hours during one year, when and where they mutually agree. At the mentorship sessions, you should be discussing the topics related to professional and personal development of the mentee. Other optional forms of mentoring work (via email, Skype or other) could be arranged between you and the mentee, according to joint interests, wishes and needs.

Mentors contribute to the program pro-bono, and program is free of charge for mentees.

If you are interested to join our initiative as a potential mentor or a comentors, please submit completed application form and updated CV to

Upon receipt of your application, we will add it to our database, which already includes more than 100 potential mentors. We will contact you if and when some of selected participants – mentees express the need for a mentor of your profile.

Thank you for your interest!