About the project

CREATIVE MENTORSHIP gathers two key groups of participants: mentees and mentors.

Our mentees are emerging leaders from diverse fields of culture, education and creative industries – artists, pedagogues, curators, cultural managers, writers, linguists, musicians, dancers, media specialists, etc . They are young professionals who have achieved excellent results in terms of their studies and/or practical work, who have a vision of how their professional development could contribute to the wider society and who would achieve their goals faster and easier with mentor’s support and guidance.

Our mentors are high quality professionals and leaders from diverse sectors – business, culture, politics, law, medicine, education, diplomacy, human resource management, engineering, marketing and media, etc – who are willing to share their experience and knowledge with upcoming professionals, mentees.

If you would like to become a menti, follow our website for the new Call for applicants! Each year we aim to expand our database of mentors and find those whose profiles are the most relevant for the needs of selected mentees. Therefore, if you know someone who you think would be a good mentor, please contact us – we would highly appreciate your suggestions!


mentee / mentor pairs


mentee / mentor pairs