About the project


CREATIVE MENTORSHIP mentees are future leaders in the field of culture, with a vision how their professional development will contribute to the wider community, and why they will achieve their goals faster and better with the support from a mentor. A group of mentees is every year made of 25 perspective professionals with background in arts, cultural heritage, creative industries, education, cultural management, cultural policy, activism, communications and other related areas, from throughout Serbia. They have proven their dedication to the development of society by quality and relevant work in their professional field and their characteristic is the spirit of change and progress, proactive approach and creativity.

CREATIVE MENTORSHIP mentors are leading professionals from various disciplines and age, from Serbia and abroad, who have recognized the value and the importance of the program and contribute to it pro bono. They are cultural experts, successful professionals in business, activism, human resources, media, ambassadors, cultural attaches, marketing experts, scientists, politicians, etc. Please download our application form for mentors database here.