About the project

Participants of CREATIVE MENTORSHIP are talking about the benefits of the mentoring process and how mentoring has contributed to their personal development.

Mentee Quotes

“I was encouraged by the eagerness of successful expert to unselfishly share knowledge and advices, and became motivated to continue with this practice in relations with my younger colleagues. I learned that mentorship is about patience, dedication, and motivation to help others. I learned that people are not difficult, but different. That leadership is not only about talent and excellence in own profession, but also about active listening, guidance, understanding and compassion. These useful techniques can help me with my everyday life and work. I learned to be better in learning every day.”

Jelena Manić Radoičić, Belgrade Open School , mentee 2012/2013

“Awesome! Inspiring! Beneficial on so many levels. Creative Mentorship is a great opportunity to connect and create a network with people who share your interests and values, as well as benchmark with them while having insights into their experience. Opportunity to learn and teach in both formal and informal environments.”

Jelena Vasilev, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra , mentee 2012/2013

Mentor Quotes

“It is very rewarding when I see someone challenged by the questions and reflections I offer, then responding in a very personal way, and going on to make significant changes. Talking things through in this way also helps me to reflect on aspects of my own life and work. And in a project like this I meet and get to know some fascinating people.”

Tony O’Brien, British Council, Director Western Balkans , mentor 2012/2013 and 2014/2015

“Participating in Creative Mentorship project has been a fantastic opportunity that has once again confirmed knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. We all learn from each other and for me this has been a great learning path.”

Olga Svoboda, CEO, Gi Group HR Solutions, mentor 2012/2013 and 2014/2015

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