About the project

Participants of CREATIVE MENTORSHIP are talking about the benefits of the mentoring process and how mentoring has contributed to their personal development.

These people can change not only Serbia but the world! – Miloš Đajić, President of the Centre for Modern Skills, mentor 2014/2015.

I think that the match is great and the feeling I have with my mentor is fantastic. Now I am trying to motivate my colleagues to find mentors for themselves! – Nikola Andonov, MA architect, one of the representatives of Serbia at the 13th Biennial of Architecture in Venice 2012 and at the EXPO 2015, mentee 2014/2015.

Creative Mentorship is the most impressive mentorship programme I have been involved in during my 37 year career with the British Council. It is immensely rewarding in so many ways – including how it brings out the very best in people.- Tony O`Brien, British Council Western Balkans Director, mentor 2012/2013 and 2014/2015.

I was matched with my mentor based on my interests and experience – and this was a perfect match! It has been very useful for me to find out that someone successful has gone through same periods, problems and dilemmas as I am going through right now. My mentor invited me to various events and connected me to relevant professionals and that has been really precious for me. – Ivana Anđelković, MA founder of co-working space “Pionirska” in Novi Sad, mentee 2014/2015.

My mentee is a fascinating person, with rich and diverse personality. I am infinitely thankful to the team of CREATIVE MENTORSHIP for the match they made – I would meet her outside of the program for sure,but we would never establish such a relationship of friendship and trust. My mentee fills me with energy and I often wonder if she needs me at all! – Vesna Danilović, Programmes and Events Manager at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, mentor 2014/2015.

“Creative Mentorship” is an example of how the cultural sector reached to its environment and by investing in its development initiated wider social change. For me this program is additional push and opening of the doors. #support #networking #altruism – Ivana Jovanović Arsić, MA president of the association “Kulturis”, mentee 2014/2015

I believe that personal and professional development are two halves of a whole. It is more than useful to know that I share problems and dilemmas with many people. My mentor made me realize how important it is to present my ideas to others in the right way and to motivate them to join. This was a perfect match – my mentor and his personality and professionalism suit me 100%. – Miloš Dilkić, founder of the Team for Education and Culture, mentee 2014/2015

My mentor and her knowledge and experience are really inspiring. We are going gradually towards achieving my goals, every month we are making one new step forward. – Aleksandra Jovanić, PhD, multimedia artist, mentee 2014/2015

My mentee is a fascinating young woman with great potential. I even recognize some characteristics of mine in her. We work not only on her professional development, but also on personal, since I believe that aspect is very important as well. – Lotta Ahlvar, founder of the Nordic Fashion Association, mentor 2014/2015

Through mentorship sessions, mentees gain self-confidence, widen their horizons, start to think more thoroughly, which is altogether very important and good. It can be already noticed how they feel empoweedr and how they deepen their opinions, attitude and self-awareness.- Stella Karl Ćosić, Business and Executive Coach, mentor 2014/2015

This program is just great, I tell myself every time: “This team knows what they are doing!” – Milica Božanić, Serbian Film Association Operations Manager, mentee 2014/2015

My mentor is supportive; she offers me safe environment and confidence. – Milica Nikolić, founder of the Scandinavian corner, mentee 2014/2015