Participants of CREATIVE MENTORSHIP are talking about the benefits of the mentoring process and how mentoring has contributed to their personal development.

My mentors` great professional experience and approach to life mean a lot to me. I appreciate that we discuss social and humanistic implications of our work and try to critically reflect it. I also love the energy and the atmosphere that you can feel in the program!

I try to attend all of the activities in “Creative Mentorship” since I advance through each and every of them. Many of my recent achievements, motivation, selfesteem, ideas, inspiration… are related to “CM”. You offer 100% more than I expected, and this amount of dedication to our success is just amazing. – Tamara Zidar, blogger and enterpreneur, mentee 2016/2017

What I got through my participation in the program is open door towards new possibilities, getting to know people with different backgrounds and the experience of teamwork. My enthusiasm grew and I recognized who important it is to be open and to build team spirit. I left every gathering of our group in a better mood! – Andrija Mamutovic, pianist, mentee 2016/201

“Creative Mentorship” team did great job when matching mentoring couples, probably even better than they are aware of.

The team behind the “Creative Mentorship” is very professional and they know what they are doing. They take care of participants thoroughly and offer just as many activities so that we can choose what we will participate in.

I am very satisfied and I enjoy building relationship with my mentor. Our sessions are very pleasant and I learn something new every time we meet. – Tijana Vuković, Lecturer at the Institut for Slavistics in Warsaw, mentee 2016/2017

Even when I think that some activity in the program is not so relevant or useful for myself, it turns out that I needed that very much and that it arrived in the best possible moment. – Marija Vasić, sociologist, mentee 2016/2017

Should only a small part of what we discussed – get realized, that would be a big step forward. It is unbelievable how good our match is, and the ideas we came up with together are revolutionary. – Snježana Bahtijari, Marketing, communications and CSR Director in Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, mentor 2016/2017

I am very satisfied. My communication with the mentor is great I will really comfortable, inspired and my expectations are fulfilled. This is the mentorship I had in mind – we do not always have to work on a specific task but I nevertheless get supported and hear constructive guidance.