About the project

Support Creative Mentorship

If you share the values of CREATIVE MENTORSHIP, recognize its importance and wish to join us in the mission of transforming society through creativity, knowledge and culture, if you wish to support talented and creative young professionals and cultural sector in a tailor-made and very effective way, we invite you to support the program financially and/or by your other resources (in-kind materials or services, technical equipment, venues, food and beverages, etc.), expertise, contacts, by recommending good mentors or partners, or by spreading the word about this program!

Read more about becoming a sponsor, mentor or ambassador of the program!

Become sponsor to mentorship couples – Support one mentorship couple for the amount of 1.000 EUR, three couples for the amount of 3.000 EUR or be a patron of the whole program for the amount of 5.000 EUR or more. In that way you ensure the continuation of the program and secure free mentorship support to new generation of the leaders in culture and arts.

Please download our sponsorship offer here.

Join our pool of mentors – Become part of the network of the leading professionals in various disciplines and age from Serbia and abroad who share values and recognize the idea of the program and contribute to it pro bono – cultural experts, businessmen, scientists, politicians, diplomats, marketing and media professionals, etc. Please download our application form for mentors database here.

Be ambassador of our program – Spread the idea of the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources between generations, sectors and cultures! Use your opportunities to remind people in your surrounding that mentorship is the key for many personal, professional or social problems and draw attention of your associates, colleagues and friends to our program!

By cooperating with us, your organization or company becomes a part of the network of the engaged professionals who are active change-makers. Through the years, we are going to build, gather and support the community of motivated and socially responsible individuals, organizations and companies who share values of open exchange of resources, mutual encouragement, inspiration and active contribution to the social development. You will be important part of that community.

You could meet our participants, mentors, alumni, other sponsors and partners at events and gatherings within the program, as well as at joint cultural activities we are visiting (concerts, theater plays, festival visits, etc.). Should some of the mentees be looking for a mentor of your profile, you could participate in the program as a mentor! We would supply you with quality and interesting materials on mentorship, personal and professional development which can be useful to all in your company, as well as with information about the progress of the program. Our cooperation would be something we are proud of and we would publicly mentione that whenever possible and on all our printed materials.