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Slavica Marković Sandić/menti

Born in Serbia, brought up in Sweden. A philologist by profession but actively working with culture, communication and media….and loving every bit of it. From being more or less bilingual, has also developed into a translator of cultures and mentalities. Can therefore be described as a “bridge builder” in a metaphoric way. Being a media, culture and information officer at the Swedish embassy, has a lot of experience in working with a variety of projects, various people and organisations. The main personality characteristics are openness and a positive attitude.
The most recent projects have been Creative Society, a multilevel and multifaceted project about innovation and entrepreneurship, then Seven, a documentary drama about gender-based violence, and Voices from Sweden, an official presentation of Sweden at the International Book fair in Belgrade. The latest task has been to develop and implement a communication strategy for the Embassy of Sweden. The main personality characteristics are openness and a positive attitude.
Mentorship has given me the opportynity to get insights, the way of thinking and planning from perspective of a person who is half my age. It has broadened my views my perception of the modern society’s challenges and deepened my understandings of tendencies around me. It has been very rewarding both professionally and privately and given me the feeling of personal growth.

Bojana Šekeljić/mentor

Bojana has a B.A. in Political Science. She worked as a regional trainer for the National Democratic Institute and project manager of the marketing agency Amedia, as well as a product coordinator at the web development studio IQS+. Bojana worked in the field of new media and internet campaigns and is responsible for program development and new media strategic planning in Dokukino